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KP Stoves Multifuel / 3 KW Lodge Range Stove Multi Fuel

3 KW Lodge Range Stove Multi Fuel

3 KW Lodge Range Stove Multi Fuel

Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove This stove is perfect for your Bell Tent Yurt garden, workshop, patio. With its Small 3kw size and high efficient the stove provides fast warming of the room. Because of the small size you can take it on camping or picnic. Nominal output – 3KW Dimensions –

Firebox  11 1/4” x 9 1/2”x 9 3/4” weight 19kg  ¼” (4mm) Steel thickness

Oversize Hotplate 14 3/4” x 12 1/2”


 Portable wood-burner stove - weighs only 19kg - Packs away for easy transportation – fixed or screw off legs - great for bell tents, sheds, shelters and general 


This is a great outdoor stove at a very competitive price. It can be used for multiple situations whether it’s to cook your dinner, dry your gear or heat your canvas area. The KP Bell wood burner is small enough to carry anywhere and with its weight being only 19kg makes this stove a great addition to your canvas set up. We can offer flue kits for all types of tent/sheds. If you are using this stove in a bell tent we would advise using a tent protector and heat mat or tray for added safety.

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